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With a 5mm top and Soft Mat anti-glare coating, the 100S Crossover is a better quality table at a budget price compared to other tables from different brands in the same price point.This table is also lightweight for optimum handling on any terrain. The 100S Crossover is approved by the FFTT(French Table Tennis Association) for leisure use.

This table, as all the Crossover tables, is designed to be completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year long in any condition: rain, ice, snow,etc.

The 100S Crossover ping pong table, reliability in its simplicity.


Product Specification and Features

  • 5mm Ultra-durable Outdoor Laminate (Good Bounce) : Cornilleau outdoor tops range in thickness from 5mm to 9mm - the ticker the better bounce. With it 5mm top, the 100S Crossover gives a good bounce. The table top is build with density laminated resin that is designed to resist rough weather (rain,snow,ice,freeze,etc), to resist shock and to be extremely durable.
  • Softmat® : Anti-glare : The Softmat® anti-glare coating reflects up to 3 times fewer sun rays than a standard top and is resistant to bat blows.
    • 40mm Thick Outdoor Aluzinc® Ultra-durable Frame : The frame of the table is made of an anti-corrosion alloy made of steel/aluminum and zinc. Combined with the 40mm thick structure, the frame ensures a good flatness of the table while making it extremely solid.
    • Compact Technology® : The patented Compact Technology® system lowers the chances of falling over, of a kid slip between the panels when in storage position and ease the opening and closing of your table. With the Compact Technology®, it’s easier than ever to store your table where ever you want without worrying about the space.
    • Push'N Lock System : Thanks to buttons placed on the side panels, our table can be locked and unlocked smoothly and easily. With its 8 locking points, the Push'N Lock technology system meet the safety standards for table tennis tables.
    • Tension adjustable net : The tension of the net is adjustable to always keep it on the desired setting.
    • Extra-Large "Special Outdoor" Twin Wheels : The oversized (200mm diameter) large (32mm) twin wheels combined to the ultra-resistant outdoor conception offer unprecedented mobility, agility and ability to cross especially on rough terrain.
    • Adjustable Leg Pads : The Adjustable Leg Pads make it easier to level the table on uneven surfaces.
    • Solo Practice : This table has the playback facility which allows for training in solo at any time by folding one side of the table.
    • Accessories Storage (2 Bats) : Each side panel has a bat holder
*Does not come assembled. Please see our shipping policy for assembly options