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The curved legs of the PRO 510M make it the most attractive of outdoor table and the design will fit perfectly in the environment of a hotel, a  school, a resort or a camping site. The feet are equipped with adjustable screw fitting and the fixed steel net can't be removed so it can be installed in public places without worrying for missing parts. The PRO 510M also has approval from the FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) for leisure use.

Its 100% steel(aluzinc) structure and its high-density, solid laminate tabletop can really take the knock, whether they are from bat blows during play or bad weather. This table, as all Outdoor tables, is specially designed to be weatherproof and can be left outside all year long in any weather: rain, snow, ice, etc. With the fully weatherproof tabletop and the FFTT approval, this table is a firm favourite with schools.


Product Specifications and Features

  • 7mm Ultra-durable Outdoor Laminate Top (Excellent Bounce): Cornilleau outdoor tops range in thickness from 5mm to 9mm - the ticker the better the bounce. With its 7mm top, the PRO 510M Crossover gives an excellent bounce. The table top is build with density laminated resin that is designed to resist rough weather and shock and to be extremely durable.
  • Mattop© : Anti-glare : The Mattop© anti-glare coating reflects 10 times fewer sun rays than a  standard top which offers a better outside playing experience.


  • 60mm Thick Outdoor Aluzinc© Ultra-durable Frame: The frame of the  table is made of an anti-corrosion alloy made of steel/aluminum and  zinc. Combined with  the 60mm thick structure, the frame  ensures a  good flatness of the  table while making it extremely solid and durable.
  • Large Fixed Steel Feet : Galvanized steel feet with a fixing system that increases stability and security while playing.
  • Steel Fixed Net : The net is coated against corrosion which makes  it permanent  and is fixed so it is inviolable.
  • 4 Corners Protection Pads : Flexible soft rubber protection on each corner of the table to provide maximum security.
  • Accessories Storage (4 Bats) and Ball Dispenser : Some storage space has been specially allocated on each side of the table that can hold up to 4 bats at once. The ball dispenser at each end of the table next to the player will make it so you always have a ball on hand.

*Does not come assembled. Please see our shipping policy for assembly options