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The 500 Indoor is the Rolls Royce of leisure tables. It combines all of Cornilleau’s best feature: safety, reliability, ergonomics and durability whilst having an amazing look. Designed for intensive use, it is the perfect table for tournaments with family, friends and neighbours. The net and posts automatically fold when the table is closed and other features includes the leg levellers, corner protections pads, ball dispenser and storage for bats and balls.

The performances of the 500 are beyond compare and its excellent rebound will make the most out of every exchange. The FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) approval proves it: it’s the high-end table by excellence.


Products Specifications and Features

    • 22mm Table Top (Very Good Bounce): Cornilleau indoor tops range in thickness from 19 to 25mm - the thicker the top the better the bounce. The indoor tops are made of chipboard wood which combined with the 25mm top offers an excellent bounce.
    • 50mm Aluzinc® Ultra-durable Frame: The frame of the table is made of an anti-corrosion alloy made of steel/aluminum and zinc. Combined with the 50mm thick structure, the frame ensures a good flatness of the panel while making it extremely solid.
    • Compact Technology®: The patented Compact Technology® system lowers the chances of falling over, of a kid slip between the panels when in storage position and ease the opening and closing of your table. With the Compact Technology®, it’s easier than ever to store your table where ever you want without worrying about the space.

    • DSI: Integrated Double Security: Thanks to its central handle located under the table top, the table is easily opened or closed and is also fully locked in playing and storage position. The DSI system has 16 locking points to offer the highest level of safety on the market.

    • "Special Indoor Wheels" and Adjustable Large Leg Pads : Two large tire wheels (150mm diameter) allows you to easily move the table without damaging the soft floor of sport room. The wheels are also equipped with brakes that gives better stability while playing and more security while stored. This table is equipped with large stand with adjustable pads to make it easier to level the table on uneven surfaces.
    • Retractable and Adjustable (Tension & Height) Net: This tension and height adjustable system allows you to always keep a perfect net set up at any time. The net also swivels automatically between the two panels when closing the table further optimizing storage space and improving the security when stored.
    • 4 Corner Protection Pads: Flexible soft rubber protection on each corner of the table to provide maximum security for everyone.

    • Central Handle: With its central release handle located under the table, the table tops can be opened and closed with ease by a single person.

    • Solo Practice: This table has the playback facility which allows for training in solo at any time by folding one side of the table.

    • Accessories Storage (4 Bats+8 Balls) and Ball Dispenser: Each side panel is designed to allows storage of 2 bats and 4 balls for a total of 4 bats and 8 balls at once. There is also a ball dispenser on each side of the table to always have balls on hand.

*Does not come assembled. Please see our shipping policy for assembly options