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The top of the Cornilleau range, the ITTF approved 850 WOOD has unequalled sound and playing qualities. Contemporary by definition, this table rewrites the rules with the grey indoor top and the retractable net posts.

The 850, which naturally combines performance with elegance, will become a standard for greatest international competitions as well as the perfect match for home interior design.


Product Specifications and Features

  • 25mm Table Top (Competition Bounce): Cornilleau indoor tops range in thickness from 19mm to 25mm - the thicker the top the better the bounce. The indoor tops are made of chipboard wood which combined with the 25mm and the SKILTOP® coating offers the best bounce on the market destined for international professional tournament.

  • Solid 70mm Thick Wood Frame: The solid wood framing combined with its 70mm thickness gives this table the best durability possible while ensuring the perfect flatness of the panel.

  • Compact Technology®: The patented Compact Technology® system lowers the chances of falling over, of a kid slip between the panels when in storage position and ease the opening and closing of your table. With the Compact Technology®, it’s easier than ever to store your table where ever you want without worrying about the space.

  • DSI: Integrated Double Security: Thanks to its central handle located under the table top, the table is easily opened or closed and is also fully locked in playing and storage position. The DSI system has 16 locking points to offer the highest level of safety on the market.

  • Retractable and Adjustable (Tension & Height) Net: This tension and height adjustable system allows you to always keep a perfect net set up at any time. The net also swivels automatically between the two panels when closing the table further optimizing storage space and improving the security when stored.
  • Central Handle: With its central release handle located under the table, the table tops can be opened and closed with ease by a single person.

  • "Special Indoor Competitive" Wheels: 4 larges wheels with ball bearing and 2 brakes that gives and excellent mobility and a good stability without leaving trace.
  • Adjustable Leg Pads: The wooden legs are equipped with large adjustable leg pads to ensure that the table is always flat and levelled.

  • Solo Practice: This table has the playback facility which allows for training in solo at any time by folding one side of the table.

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